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Heap is the measurement of heap capacity allocated for an Application Component.

In Turbonomic charts, Heap shows the percentage of that capacity that Application Components use.


Hot-Add refers to the ability to add CPU and/or Memory without requiring rebooting. 

This is supported by ESX and Hyper-V hypervisors, and by certain versions of Windows and Linux. 

Turbonomic automatically detects and groups (Virtual Machines) VMs in which both the guest Operating System (OS) and hypervisor support Hot-Add.


A Hypervisor is a service that creates and runs virtual machines (VMs), providing them compute and storage resources. The hypervisor treats on-prem resources such as CPU, memory, and storage as a pool that can be easily reallocated between existing guests or to new virtual machines. 

When you connect Turbonomic to hypervisor targets, it recommends placement and resize actions for VMs and the underlying infrastructure.