[Also called Percentile] In Turbonomic, Aggressiveness is the percentile to use when calculating the utilization of a resource. The utilization drives actions to scale the available capacity either up or down.

To measure utilization, analysis considers a given utilization percentile. For example, assume a 95th percentile. The percentile utilization is the highest value that 95% of the observed samples fall below.

A percentile evaluates the sustained resource utilization, and ignores bursts that occurred for a small portion of the samples. You can think of this as aggressiveness of resizing, as follows:
  • High Percentile – Less aggressive, recommended for critical workloads that need maximum guaranteed performance at all times.
  • Default Percentile – The recommended setting to achieve maximum performance and savings.
  • Low Percentile – The most aggressive, recommended for non-production workloads that can stand higher resource utilization.

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