Desired State

The Desired State is the state of your environment that assures application performance while achieving efficient use of resources and complying with business rules and constraints.

Instead of responding after a threshold is crossed, Turbonomic analyzes operating conditions and constantly recommends actions to keep the entire environment within the desired state.

You can measure performance as a function of delay, in which zero delay gives the ideal Quality of Service (QoS) for a given service. You can measure efficiency as a function where 100% utilization of a resource is the ideal. You can plot the relationship between delay and utilization as a curve. Up to a point, as you increase utilization, the increase in delay is slight. There comes a point on the curve where a slight increase in utilization results in an unacceptable increase in delay. On the other hand, there is a point in the curve where a reduction in utilization doesn’t yield a meaningful increase in QoS. The desired state lies within these points on the curve. 

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